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               ~ The PBS DOCUMENTARY ~
              This is a documentary program devoted to the vision 
                               of an American performing musicologist.

     Well, I'm amazed!  This tiny little program went up on the PBS satelite 
          and was enjoyed by 35% of America garnering high Neilsen ratings. 
         It's still going strong, as we recieve emails from Canada and Mexico! 
               I had no idea it would be so well received!       Thank you Folks!

                                                Also available as a DVD.

                     Four minute teaser ~



The Banjo-ologist ~ ..........................................................................

                             An HD DVD commissioned by Mel Bay Productions.
                                  Available worldwide in music stores and right here.
                                         Contains~  A Full Concert, 
                                                               Gordy's Banjo Museum.
                                                               A Tonal Tour of  1800"s Banjos 
                                                               Relaxed Studio Sessions.
                                                               Extra songs.

                      If you can't attend a show, then get this DVD!
                     This is absolutely the finest video I have ever done!
                      It is produced in High Definition video and audio.

                              For upcoming shows
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         VIDEO  for Right Now!   

              www,   Type in; Gordy Ohliger
                                                           The Gordy channel contains;

                                   1)  Two minute Introduction.
                            2)  Four-minute Demo of the PBS program.
                            3)  Live gig with Frank Vignola.
                            4)  Ida ~ Studio session in a 1920's plectrum style.
                            5)  Hello Ma Baby ~ Novelty Ragtime.
                            6) "Ain't We Got Fun" 
                                     A silly vaudeville number on a 1922 Ukelele banjo.
                            7) "The Banjo-ologist"
                                     An everything in five minutes promo piece.


Other Completed PBS Projects ~ 
    "Education Through Music"                                
      Curricular Development for Student Teachers 
            A four-part video series about engaging and educating young children.
              It includes the creators of Sesame St. "talking about stuff", which is                           then illustrated  by Mr. Ohliger applying those concepts  in his shows.
                 Mr. Ohliger's opinions and comments are also featured in the                                              companion text , which is published by Mcgraw-Hill.   

       "Writing For An Audience" 
             Gordy was featured in this national series, wherein it is explored                                      how he turns dry boring research into a funny factual show. 
             A few of the others interviewed  are filmmaker Michael Moore,
               and Pulitzer Prize winners Dave Barry and Frank McCourt



     hellogordy @


                                  I use Vintage Instruments
                               so you can hear the old songs 
                                 the way your ancestors did.