A humorous history of American popular music, 1800 to 1940.              An accurate & funny show, featuring rare vintage instuments, quirky history, 
         minstrel show tunes, ragtime, early jazz, vaudeville, bluegrass & swing.
                                        American history that's fun!
  One hour, 75-minutes or two hour concert. 

            A sing-a-long visit through the youth of vaudeville, broadway, and radio                               with our old friends Gershwin, Berlin, and Jolsen.
  With an emphasis on the melodic hits of the 1920's and 30's, it is a warm return to a gentler time, a tasty musical feast with an extra helping of 
ballads, hot jazz & swing.

                                               30 minutes to 1-hour.
             Also available as a full band (Hot Potato!) for your Gatsby event.
 Banjo-ology, with a lot more silliness! 
A very participatory "you can do it" show with clap, stomp, sing-along, 
up-tempo selections, and the musical lunch bag! Fun & Educational ~ our living, singing history! Study guides available for upper & lower grades.
 30, 45 or 60-minute "Kid's Concert"
           "THE FRONTIER MINSTREL"                      ROOTS MUSIC
     Our musical heritage comes alive,  through four century-old instruments,                    a gentle comic commentary of our country's formative years,                                  and the favorite songs of your grandfather'grandfather.                                            A neighborly visit to our ancestor's daily lives.
                                                      30 minutes to 2-hour concert.


                                 "OUR LITTLE TOWN"                                                                     LOCAL
                                   The first 100 years of your town.
        A friendly visit into the humorous history and drama of the people
              whose names you read on your street signs and buildings. 
     These are the songs they hummed while leaving the old theatre, taking the buggy to the bank, and your great-grandmother to the dance.
                      This is the soundtrack to all those old photos.
                You'll never drive through town the same after this one.
                        A custom conmmissioned concert of your city.
       After every Show
   The audience is encouraged        to ask questions & inspect         the movable museum of               antique instruments.


              These are very relaxed audience involved events .
  1. Early Jazz Banjo  From chunking to blazing lead instument.
          1920's chord melody style, direct from the ol' boys to you.

  2. Secrets of Early Banjo Styles  An entertaining expose'                       for general audiences, lots of examples ... less talk! 
           Old-timey, pre-Scruggs, bluegrass, plectrum, and swing.

         Strawberry, Millpond, California WorldFest, Music 91, 
                   Nevada Bluegrass Festival, CSUC World Music,
                       Saline Co. Bluegrass Festival, Illinois
                              California Banjo Gathering


        Arts in the Real World. An insight into the nurturing,                              structure and delivery of your talent.                                     Universal business principles and promotion.                        A synopsis of 40-years in the visual and performing arts.

         WAA Conference, Proffessional Development Panel
                           California Banjo Gathering
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           " A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS "            Holiday Family Show 

  In the style of a victorian visit with funny uncle Gordy.
There will be old-time sing-a-longs and  interactive silliness.
      Holiday Specialties ~ Rousing yet Refined! 
One hour.
Also available as a duo. (violin)

                        "Hot Potato!"
                         1930's  Swing Quartet
                         Guitar, Violin, Clarinet, Bass, Vocals.     
               Gorgeous melodies and jump swing ~ Sweet & Hot!
 They're like a Fred Astaire movie...with a Merrie Melody cartoon!

                               "Custom Shows"

    Dust Bowl Melody of '34 ~ For a Woody Guthrey book release.
                         Commissioned for a tour of state libraries. 

    The Life of Mark Twain ~ Duo concert program with an amazing
                            Twain impersonator. All songs were popular 
                             within Mr. Cleman's lifetime.

     Your Idea.....

C__________. ~  School Shows ~ .___________

                                                       "BIG BOAT"
                                  The African roots of popular music.
               BIG BOAT shows how Old World African culure and music
                    helped to create what we now know as American music.
              An infuson of rhythm fun, body movement, singing, jazz scatting, 
                    and more, in this lively laughing and learning program.
                                                 Grades 4-8

                          "THE MINER'S MINSTREL"
      Introduces students to the daily life of the pioneers as they built California.
              It includes the 49er's favorite sing-along songs, a local angle,
                                   and having fun with nothing. 
                                                 Grades 4-6

                                   LITTLE TOWN"
                            Your local history with a soundtrack!
           Findout what life was like when that old old building was new...
     When your mom's grandmother's mother went to the dance in a buggy...
                          When your town only had three streets...
                       Your big city will feel different after this one.
                                                Grades 4-12

                            A shorter silly-er show for kids.

                               All School shows are approved by
                       the State of California, Nevada, and Oregon. 
                                  Custom study guides available.