A Heritage you can Hear
        "The Banjo-ologist" A dedicated program of his career and vision. 
                                           Broadcast nationaly in 133 markets to high Nielsens.
        "Americas Banjo; A Musical History" Writer and performer. Aired repeatedly.
        "Education Through Music" Principal performer illustrating the concepts outlined. 
        "Writing for an Audience" Principal interviewee on-air and the McGraw-Hill book.
                                            Featured news segments on NBC and ABC.

"Gordy Ohliger is a National Treasure." ~ PBS Producer

 "Heartfelt...extraordinary" ~ VP of Content Creation,  PBS

"Beautifully presented, a real joy..." ~ PBS Producer

"Incredibly talented and infectously fun." ~ NPR Reporter
"The staff were all talking about your show... and they've seen everything!"
                                                                         ~ J. Paul Getty Museum
"The Audience were glowing when they came out!"
                                                                         ~ Skirball Cultural Center
" Your masterful command of the banjo is amazing on it's own, 
                        but weaving all the stories together, with perfectly timed 
                        comedy, kept the whole show upbeat and fun.
                         You made us look good."
                                                                         ~ San Benito Arts Council
" Children and adults were able to learn and be entertained side by side, 
                         I consider this a true sign of a master artisan and educator."
                                                                         ~ UCLA Hammer Museum
"You are amazing!...everyone relaxed & smiling, just as you promised."
                                                                         ~ S.C. Chamber Music Society
"People were fighting to get into your show.                                                                                     That's what I call a festival event!"
                                                                         ~ Director, London World Music
"We were proud to feature you. You are a good role model for the young,
                        and promote a spirit of family unity, peace & joy."
                                                                         ~ Yuba Sutter Arts Council
"Three of the board of directors said they liked your show,
                          and we never get all three of them to comment on anything!"
                                                                         ~ Ventura County Fair
"A gentle humor: not mean. That type of humor is very hard to do;                                            very sophisticated. His banjo playing just gets better,
                          if such a thing is possible."
                                                                        ~ Producer for Marcia Ball,
                                                                           Tommy Emmanuel, Bela Fleck
                                                "Delightful!" ~ Peggy Seeger
                          C.A.C. Touring Artist
                      "In order to promote excellence in the Arts" the NEA has subsidized the
                     California Arts Council to select the highest quality performers in the state. 
              Within the company of Turtle Island and Kronos Quartets, Kitka, and Linda Tillery,    
                   Mr. Ohliger's shows have been singled out and additionally honored with the
                                              highest possible rating of excellence.
            PBS                     TELEVISION:

       MUSIC                 FESTIVALS:
 City of London Festival, England            Chichester Festivities, England.     
 Strawberry (3)                                            California WorldFest (2),     
 Saline Bluegrass, Illinois                            N.Nevada Bluegrass
 Music! B.C. Canada (2)                              S.C. Cowboy Festival (3)
 Millpond                                                      CSUC World music
 Special Guest Star at Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and the California Banjo Gathering.
    CONCERT                 SERIES:
Luther Burbank Center         Pioneer Center NV              Ragland Theatre
Citrus College                          Long Beach Concerts          Valhalla Arts 
Kentucky Mine                        Dunsmuir Mansion              Brewery Arts NV
Paradise PAC                           Fiddlin' Cricket           Children's Discovery Museum                  Albany, Sunnyvale, Contra Costa and East Bay Regional Parks
  Twenty-seven years of full evening concerts and outreach for dozens and dozens of 
      Art Councils too numerous to list, as well as scores of city and county series.
J. Paul Getty Museum (2)     UCLA Hammer Museum     CA.State Historic Society     Official State celebrations at the Governor's mansion, capitol, and Sutter's Mill.
                 California Educational System consulting and soundtrack work. 
     Nevada Day Celebration                                     California State Parks Assoc.
     California Academy of Sciences                         Skirball Culural Center                  
     American Civil War Association                        Fresno Co. Historical Society              History San Jose                                                  Calif. Second Great Goldrush
 Custom show for "Treasures of the Smithsonian" Tour, Crocker Art Museum.
Preforming musicologist for American Folklife Center, Library of Congress 
 Harrah's Casino                       Chevrolet                            Citibank          
 Cisco Systems                           PG&E                                  Sun Micro Systems       
 LAPD Youth Program                                                          Redding Medical Center   
                             University of California Centenial Celebration
State Fairs of California, W. Washington, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, PNE Canada Numerous festivals, colleges and special events throughout the continent.                                                   
                                                                      ...and many more events like yours!
SHOWS                               MUSIC                                   MORE                       CONTACT

" I laughed alot...a high energy show!                                                                                                   You sure fit alot into the time you had!"

"I heard you were a great banjo player, but you're funny too!"

"That was brilliant!                                                                                                                How you described the era, to set up the context of each song.
       You obviously did a lot of research...that was amazing and enjoyable."
"I appreciate your enthusiasm, and the contrasting styles.
                          Your history is outstanding!"

"Each year we know we will find one show that is the gem of them all.
                          And you sir; you are the gem of this year."

"It was awesome. My mom was there and she even laughed."
"That's tight man!   You got the house!   You rocked!"

"My face hurts from smiling so much!"

"I used to go to Woody Guthrie's place, n' you've got that thing...
                                     that thing with people...like him n' Pete had."